Book Club.

Hello my fellow bookworms, as you may have already guessed, from the very obvious title of this post, this is my very own book club. A place where I will be sharing with you my very favourite books from my own collection, along with new purchases. Basically we will talk anything book related here.

Lets get going shall we.

Today, to mark the beginning of this little series, I would love to share with you all, my absolute favourite book, from my favourite author, if I am ever sick or sad I read this, and within a few chapters I am happy again.
I even looked like a crazy person on the train once because of this book, I accidently laughed out loud, and it wasn’t even the first time I had read this book either.

So, without further ado, The book I am referring to is:

Cover Blurb;

Scatty, funny and smart, Lucy is a hopeless romantic. With an unshakeable faith in happy endings, she drives her friends Meg and Chloe crazy as she tries time, and time again to make her best friend Tom fall in love with her.
Then Lucy meets the man of her dreams – or so it seems. But when she’s faced with a case of mistaken identity, a noble quest, a lovelorn serenade and a duel to the bitter end, Lucy must confront the eternal question: is true love fact, fiction or something in between?

I bought this book over 10 years ago, I had just graduated grade 12, my high school boyfriend had dumped me shortly before graduation (coincidentally his name was also Tom), and I was feeling fairly lost.
While in Big W, being dragged around shopping with my mother, I escaped to the book section, the cover of this book caught my eye, it made me think of the type of person I wanted to be, now that I was entering adulthood.

The Wish List, is an extremely well written piece of literature, I know a lot of people would scoff at that statement, being that many people don’t take the “chick lit” genre all to seriously. I just think they haven’t found the right one.

Melanie La’Brooy uses humour, throughout all of her writing, marvellously. The way she has developed the dynamics between the characters and their friendships, made them feel relatable, Meg is without a doubt my favourite character, her one liners and dry sarcastic humour is an absolute riot (I’m fairly certain she was the reason for my above mentioned crazy-person-on-the-train-moment). This style of writing, has been the basis and main inspiration for my writing.

Let me know what you thought of the first book in our book club.

And as always, stay gorgeous.

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