Simple Natural Matte Eye Makeup

Get excited, it’s our first makeup tutorial!!

Today I have decided to go with a neutral matte look, that can be easily replicated and worn for any occasion, no seriously, ANY!
I also tried to use as many cheaper brands as I could, so that this really can be easily replicated.


Lets get started with the products I used.

Nyx Pore Filler Primer
Benefit Stay don’t Stray eyeshadow primer
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer shade: 15 & 20
Too Faced Born This Way Setting Powder
Maybelline Big Eyes Liner
Australis Bae Watch Mascara
Australis Liquid Eyeliner
Mac Eyebrow Crayon shade: Stud
Chi Chi Nudes eyeshadow palette shades: 3 & 5
Maybelline Master Contour light/medium

Ok, first things first, before you apply your makeup, your face should be cleansed and moisturised and you brushes, sponges, hands should also be clean.

Onto the application, Primer goes on first, I always apply my primer with my hands, like moisturiser. Next, pop a dot of eyeshadow primer on your lid and concealer under the eye, don’t worry if you don’t have eyeshadow primer, you can use concealer for both, and blend out with a brush, damp blending sponge or your fingers and set with the powder.
Brow time, I couldn’t find my chi chi brow pencil for this so I had to go with my MAC brow pencil instead, make sure your pencil is sharpened, to know where your brow should start and end follow these steps, otherwise just fill your brows like you would normally.
Take the pencil, place it parallel to your nose, one end next to your nostril and the other end past your eyes inner corner, the point is where your brow should start, next look straight forward, move the tip of the pencil so it should run through your pupil and point at your arch, you guessed it this is where your arch lives, and finally move the tip of the pencil again to point at the outer corner of your eye, this is where your brow should end.

Use quick strokes through your brow to fill them, you’re looking to imitate real hairs, and look as natural as possible, while still looking full. Start the strokes lightly at the front going in an upwards direction and moving outwards going a little more on an angle in each section until horizontal. Use a clean spool brush to brush out any harshness and set with a clear brow gel.

Ok, we’re finally there, it’s the main attraction! Your EYES!
Take a fluffy shader brush, go into the Chi Chi Nudes #3, tap off excess and pat across your entire lid area, a little into the crease and any left on the brush gets quickly run along the lower lash line, next with the same brush, use the #5 shadow and lightly pat onto the outer half of the lid and crease, again take what’s left onto the lower lash but only half way across, lastly take a fluffy blender brush and lightly tap into the contour colour and buff in a small circle motion right across into your crease and outer corner, and lower lash line outer corner.
Use the liquid liner across the top lash line, allow to dry and cover with eyeliner pencil and smudge slightly with a small angled brush, gently wiggle the small angled brush along lower lash line to add a little liner to the bottom lash line.
It is important not to put eyeliner on your bottom water line (the line on the inside of your lashes) when doing a natural look, this closes your eyes and can make them look small and squinty if you don’t have massive eyes.
Use your finger and pop a little highlighter on the inner corner and under your brow on your brow bone.
Finally curl your lashes, if you want, and apply mascara.

You’re done!!

Stay gorgeous my beauties.

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