If you haven’t heard about HiSmile or seen any of their many, MANY celeb and beauty influencer endorsements, then you probably don’t use the internet, and therefore, are probably not even reading this little ol’ blog of mine.


I first found out about HiSmile while scrolling facebook one day, I came across a sponsored ad featuring some well known Australian influencers and none other than Kylie Jenner, who seems to endorse any mouth related product on the market. I am not usually the type of person who gets sucked into celeb endorsements, usually because you can never tell if they’re genuine opinions, or all about the “dolla dolla bills y’all”. Regardless my intrigue was sparked, and at that time I had been looking into teeth whitening options since I would normally drink the equivalent of a pot of tea a day and occasionally enjoy a glass of red wine, also in the past I was a smoker, gradually cutting down to the occasional social smoke until just over six months ago when I quit altogether cold turkey. I never made it to properly stained teeth, but I did sport some lovely yellowing gems.
After reading review after review, and watching a bunch of YouTube videos, I decided to purchase the HiSmile teeth whitening kit about a year ago, tried it out the first time, I started at about a 7 on their whitening scale and after using it everyday for 6 days, like recommended, I finished up with my teeth being about a shade 2.
Since then I have smoked a little, drank lots of wine and had about 500 pots of tea, and happily they haven’t gotten too yellow, but they have gone back to about a shade 5.

This time I will be trialling out not only their whitening gel system, on every second day, along with their day and night toothpastes every day, for the period of 6 days.


The Gels contain;
Sodium Bicarbonate, for whitening outer teeth stains.
Sodium Chlorite, whitens inner teeth stains.
Aloe Vera, Pomegranate Seed Extract, and Chamomile Flower Extract, to activate the Gel.

The Day Toothpaste Contains;
Micro Shield Wax, Prevents stains from occurring.
Aloe Vera, Controls Bacteria that cause cavities.
5 Key Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Phosphate), to maintain overall teeth health.

The Night Toothpaste Contains;
Bentonite Clay, to naturally detoxify.
Activated Charcoal, naturally whitens teeth.
Aloe Vera, controls Bacteria.
5 Key Minerals, to maintain teeth health.

Both toothpastes are all natural and all 3 products are Vegan!!

I found the gel whitening kit rather enjoyable to use, I didn’t find any sensitivity after any whitening sessions, I did drool a bit while removing the light the first time. Saliva control gets easier, and it’s usually best to take it out over a sink anyway.
I rather like the toothpastes, the taste is pretty normal toothpaste flavour, an added bonus I found was I had no gum bleeding during brushing, after only a few days of use.

Well, we are down to the end of it, the before and after. How did HiSmile go this time??

The results are in and, all up I think my teeth look, honestly, only a margin of a shade lighter. I had planned to use the gels and light 3 times (every second day) over the 6 days, but due to just being downright busy, I missed the second application I had planned, and ended up only using the light twice. I did manage to remember to brush my teeth, with the correct toothpaste, every morning and evening, and I believe it has been this, that has greatly improved my overall oral health.
To sum up, I am happy with how HiSmile has worked for me, and I am planning to continue using the toothpaste everyday and the light every second day, as long as I manage to remember.

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Stay Gorgeous.



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